Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colony?

Colony is a training platform empowering individuals when they work out. We match clients with a team of trainers to provide effective guidance and coaching. Our team includes a community of top fitness personalities that provide workout plans allowing clients to receive access to the influencers they look up to.

How do I get started?

Find a program

  • Set a goal, and pick a program or find a trainer that best matches with your background
  • Your trainer will be the face of your workouts and help guide your exercises

Get set-up

  • Sign up for a program
  • Receive welcome package in your email
  • Follow steps in email and download our app on iOS or Android!

Start working out

  • Get assigned a program upon signup
  • Follow intuitive workouts in the app

Empower your workouts and grow

  • Track progress within the app
  • Direct message our coaches with any questions you have
What support is there?

Feel free to message a trainer in the app with any questions about your training. You can also submit videos of key exercises to get your form checked.

For log in details and other support issues related to the app – please email coach@colony.fit

What equipment do I need? Can I use Colony in the home or at the gym?

Our Winter 2020 programming is meant to cater to minimal home gym set ups: access to a mat, dumbbell weights & a weight bench is all you need!

If you don't have access to this equipment (either temporarily due to travel or due to other reasons), message a coach for replacement exercises!

You can also find alternatives for the equipment – for weights, you can use books, water jugs or anything moderately heavy; for a bench you can use an elevated surface such as a couch or a stability ball.

Colony can be used in any exercise environment – at home, at the gym, outside – wherever you choose.

Does Colony offer a free trial?

Test out Colony for free!

A free trial gets you fifteen days of free access to a Colony membership – after your trial you'll begin your month-to-month membership that you can cancel at anytime.

If you cancel before the fifteen days are over, you will not begin a membership and you will not be charged.

How does a Launch membership work?

A Launch membership locks you in at our initial offering price at a 40% discount – we appreciate your early commitment and want to recognize your dedication!

What is Colony’s cancellation policy?

Our number one priority is to support our clients. If you ever need a break or are unsatisfied with our service for any reason, you can email coach@colony.fit and we will make sure to accommodate. You can cancel at any time and we will not renew your service.

What apps connect with Colony?

Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and MyZone integrate within Colony.


Member Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change programming?

Message a coach in the app and we will switch over to accommodate your needs.

What do tempo and intensity mean? What does the other exercise information mean?

An exercise may have the following information: sets, reps, time, tempo, rest, and intensity.

Each exercise contains tips on how to perform the exercise. For more information on the notation, inside the app please go to Coaching -> PDFs-> Colony Exercise Notations.

For example:

  • A repetition is the number of times you perform a specific exercise. If the exercise is for one side of the body at a time (e.g. one leg, one arm), always perform the prescribed repetitions per each side.

  • Time refers to the total time expected for each set – depending on the number of reps you are performing.

  • Tempo helps guide the timing of the movement from the defined starting point. For a notation of "1-4-1-1" – take one second to bring the dumbbells up, pause for four seconds at the top. Take one second to lower the dumbbells. pause for one second and repeat.

  • Intensity refers to the difficulty level – this allows you to pick and weight and adjust for an appropriate energy level. For example, with a rep range of 8-12, and an intensity of "two reps shy of failure" – pick a weight that lets you reach two reps shy of failure – you should expect to get 8-12 total reps.

If you have questions please refer inside the app or ask a coach for help!

How do I submit a form check video?

Find a place to prop your camera or phone – if no tripod is available, we've used books, shelves, weight plates – whatever is available for you.

Take a video of your exercise on your camera app, cut the video to include your most strenuous or difficult repetition, and then upload your video within the app to a coach. A coach will review your video and provide feedback on how to improve.

How do I change my temporary log in password?

Please take a look at the email sent upon registration – you can change your temporary password in your Online Training Portal.

What if I can’t log in? What if I forgot my password?

No worries! Please email coach@colony.fit

Where do I go for other issues?

For log in details and other support issues related to the app – please email coach@colony.fit