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Colony Boost

The best on-demand form check service that gives you expert feedback from our team of personal trainers, physiotherapists and kinesiologists.

Learn the basics

Use the Colony app to learn the foundational movements of any workout program.

Try it out

Record yourself and send your best form video to your Colony coach for feedback.

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Receive real expert feedback on your form check video within 24 hours.

Connecting you to a platform of fitness technique experts

From those who know it best

Colony Boost connects you to a platform of experts including sports physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and personal trainers.

Years of experience

We guarantee our experts have experience under their belt before joining our team.

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Make faster progress in your fitness journey with Colony Boost to push you to the next level

Boost your workouts in 4 easy steps:

Watch our instructional videos

Visualize proper form with the help of our demonstration videos and step-by-step instructions

Record your form

Upload one of your sets in our app and our coaches will respond with feedback within 24 hours!

Apply feedback; record again

Take your learnings and record another set – then get final feedback from our coaches

Workout with confidence

Go workout confidently knowing that your form has been reviewed by fitness experts

Spot check for exercises where form matters most

Simply pick a category (Bodyweight, Dumbbell, Barbell) and then select the five exercises that you want form-checked

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We're confident that Colony Boost will get you to the next level.

If you aren't satisfied with your form checks, we'll refund your money. No questions asked.

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