Colony : making personal training accessible.

Colony is a training platform empowering individuals when they workout. We match clients with a team of trainers providing effective guidance and coaching. Our team includes a community of top fitness personalities providing workout plans allowing clients to receive access to the influencers they look up to

Colony was founded out of the Harvard Business School fitness center by a team of highly active gymrats. As we've progressed in our own fitness journeys, we've been frustrated by the overwhelming amount of available fitness content that makes it difficult to pick the right program. Standardized programming templates lack the personalized attention required to meet specific individual needs. Traditional fitness training, while more customized, is expensive and well beyond the means of most.

At Colony, we're motivated to make high quality coaching cost-effective and accessible.


Personal training that works best for you, whenever and wherever.

Convenient and easy-to-access
Around-the-clock support from a Colony coach
Affordable pricing for every budget
Personalized workout programs for you